2010. augusztus 26., csütörtök

Colour of honeys

The acacian has a wonderfull pale green-yellow colour, for years mirrored corridor, and non-cristallizing properties and light aromatic, why many people prefer. The linden honey is also high quality, because it has a grandiose smell and caracteristic flavor. The linden honey has yellowy colour, and specifically lime blossom scented, flavor. For a time linden honey is mirrored corridor, crystallised over time will. The sunflower honey has dark yellow colour. This honey crystallised relatively quickly. Charasteristic flavor is very pleasant


What do you think? Are honeys all the same? Or just what is important to be sweet and nothing else? But who like honey they know these claims are not true. Others is the acaica and linden honey, sunflower honey, and so one...

2010. augusztus 25., szerda

Dear reader!

Welcome in my site! I hope you will be enjoy to read me. This blog will say about honey, honey making, and bees of course. But why it differs from the other honey-sites? Because I'm hungarian and I will writing about hungarian bees, honeys, and so one. What I mean? Every single country, every single nation has different traditions and habits. And if I write the hungarian habits maybe somebody able to use their medium. We have a very good phrase about it! "Good Priset studying till die!" Very informative! Isn't it?